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Trailer Sprayer

TS-300 PO

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Trailer Sprayer TS-300 PO

Trailer Sprayer TS-300 PO

A Chem-Turf TS-300 PO may just be the answer to your chemical application needs. Carrying more volume means less fill-ups and reduces the time of spraying fairways and large areas. Chem-Turf low profile turf-hugging design delivers safe operation with accurate pinpoint results. A high capacity belt drive centrifugal pump powered by an 8.5 HP Kohler engine, with manual/electric controls (automatic controls available) assures smooth operation from the heart of this system. This trailer sprayer comes equipped with a 20-ft. Chem-Turf level float boom, including three section stainless steel electric solenoids and throttling valves. Contact Chem-Turf for other features that set this trailer sprayer ahead in the sprayer field.



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